Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cooks this week

Tried some new dishes this week. Sometimes I'm even sick of my own cooking. Run out of ideas what to cook with my "private limited" cooking skills...

Long bean with hei bi hiam.
Sambal is those bottled one. Hei bi hiam I made my own. Very easy dish :)

Served in the seldom-use dish which Mummy insisted that I should get it (part of the Partra family). K said I really know how to 废物利用. Does he really classify this nice dish as 废物?

What was served for dinner during 1 of the evenings:

Fried bee hoon

Vegetable curry. I used Prima premix this time and only a small amount of coconut milk. Think K prefers the Prima one.

Spam luncheon meat. I was so happy to see this one on offer at Cold Storage so decided to try it out. Gosh it's super salty. Wonder why the cotters were raving about it. Even K (who usually complains that my cooking lack of taste) says it's so salty that it's hard to eat.

Sambal kang kong. Just had it at the zi char stall downstairs the other day and I decided to replicate it back home. Not as nice as the zi char stall naturally but less oil and salt you see.

A bit too much of hei bi hiam... and I realised those kang kong we eat outside, they cut off a huge length of the stem so is like eating more leaves. Next round I cut off more maybe will taste better.

The "lengendary" roast pork. *smiles at my most faithful reader*
Overdose of dark sauce making it too salty.

Diced chicken with celery and carrot. K gave a thumbs up for it. Cannot believe it right? He even asked me: "Not chicken breast right?" after 1 bite. I told him, yes is chicken fillet. He was totally impressed :)

Medley of vegetables soup with spiral pasta. I cooked this for my lonely lunch. Very easy to make. Just dump whatever veggies available in the fridge and boil with 1 pc scallop. Much better than to buy from downstairs. I'm sick of the food there already.

P/S: I kept my promise for my little Bean to cook 四神汤 once a week. She loves it soooo much :))

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