Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday and Tuesday Dinner

Didn't get to go to the market on Monday but I still made it to cook up my comfort food for dinner :)

菜花羮which I had eaten at home for the past 20yrs and first time I attempted to cook it. Simple and nice. Even XY loves it.

Went marketing on Tuesday and bought these "sea" prawns. Very cheap. $3 for 13 pcs!!! Mad right? They tastes much better than the gray prawns. In future I make sure I buy some of these at each market visit.

My marketing adventure: As usual after getting the necessary stuff from market at Sengkang Square, I do my rounds at Cold Storage in case there was good buys. Bought chicken bones, drumsticks (do not ask me why I didn't buy at market earlier. Forgotten to buy!) and some veggies (prefer to buy at CS). Happily took train home with XY in pram only to realise I had forgotten to bring the bag of perishables home. Sian right? Called up the hotline. Ok my stuff is still there. Wanted to make a mad dash down to collect it while XY is having her nap but K who was planning to drop home during lunch time offered to send me down. So the both of us rushed (he sped, I sprinted) and got things done and got home as fast as possible. Reached home to find XY already woken up and slamming her thighs hard in her cot. Phew!

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