Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keith's first Daddy's Day

It was K's day but he went out in the afternoon to run an errand for his mum and I secretly brought Beanie out to get some small gifts for him :)

K with his favourite girl in the t-shirt I got for him. The t-shirt says "Ordinary Man" which is like exactly describing K. Haha

Forcing a kiss on his favourite girl as usual...

The very nice chocolate cake from Swissbake.
First time trying out their pastry and it surely didn't disappoint :)) The cake came in a lovely 300g size. Just nice for our small family. Um... sorry Beanie maybe you get to eat a bite next year when you are older.

The slice of goodness. Glad that K likes the cake.

P/S: Bean decided to give her Dad a little pressie too. She wailed loudly whenever she sees her Dad leaving her side the whole of Sunday to show that she wants her DAD!

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