Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mamil Gold to the rescue

Mama Cow (me!!) is on the way to retirement soon and our life saviour - Mamil Gold comes into the picture. Yes, for the past many months I was reluctant to give FM due to the excess sugar/fat contents and artificial flavouring. Call me obsessed or whatever but we were educated to breastfeed exclusively for the 1st 6 months of the baby's life. My initial milk supply really stressed me up big time. It was only after week 6 that I had enough to do total breastfeeding. To be honest, I was struggling with supply throughout this whole journey. There was once when Bean was about 5 months old and I decided to stay out a little later after work and leave Bean with her dad but it was kinda stressful cuz the breastmilk in the fridge was like running out any time and the girl's next feed would highly depend on the ebm I had in my cooler bag. Yes I was like a mad woman carrying a manual pump and a cooler bag with me EVERYDAY to work. To and fro on public transport. We tried to supplement with NAN HA1 around that time but the picky Bean refused it. Very strange cuz she had no problem with the same formula for the 1st 6 weeks of her life. Then we tried her on NAN Pro 2 when she was 6 months old. Same thing she refused badly. I won't even wanna go into the details of how she rejected it.

So my little princess had her fill of breastmilk till about 9 and a half months of age that Mama Cow really can't make enough for her and we decided to try a different brand this time round. Just for the record, there was a short period of time when we had a whole fridge full of ebm (bit of exaggeration here) and we nearly almost ran out of bottles to store, not forgetting I even had to label each pumped ebm with date and time. Not that MMC was such a great producer but because Bean drank lesser milk for that period of time. And back to the new brand of FM we got her - Mamil Gold. As usual it was not easy to make her accept it but slowly, she did. I mixed FM with ebm eventhough it was not recommended to do so but I will do anything as long as she drinks her FM. Can't expect me to keep milking myself for the rest of her life right?

And there you go, after going through 2 cans of 400g, we decided that we should buy the full size ones. Got these (2 700g + 1 400g) from a mummy whose baby was allergic to Mamil at $60. A good bargain :))

The next thing you might hear from Mama Jo in the near future will probably be complaining about 奶粉钱. *LOL* Luckily Step 3 which is to be given at 1yr old is cheaper than step 1 and 2. Phew!

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Diana said...

darling, let me know if you want, I have a 400gm sample and a pack from the roadshow.

Asher is not talking mamil and I don't wanna throw away MILK POWDER, knowing how expensive to buy.