Saturday, July 31, 2010

The day after

K was reading the instructions on how to assemble the FP walker. I warned him better sit up straight or else can see his layers of fats. He is behaving so unnaturally!

No warning so he slouches back to his usual posture. The little one was excited about her new toy.

Done. First try on pushing it.

Getting the hang of it. See her proud face.

Hm... wondering what's in front...

Seems like some flappy thing.

Those blocks look familiar... Hehe XY has a set of FP toys which also has the same blocks.

Dinner was at Momoya. Very buay gam luan couldn't get to eat it yesterday so we called in to reserve seats in the afternoon. Each eat-out session with XY along with us has become very challenging - meaning no one could eat in peace with her whining most of the time. The only way to temporary keep her quiet was to keep feeding her. Her rattle toys sometimes don't work. Today, we let XY try lots of new food. She had almost half a slice of grilled salmon (flaked), a bit of grilled mackerel (also flaked), many teaspoons of chawanmushi (most loved), the inner part of agedashi tofu and a few grains of garlic fried rice on top of her pumpkin porridge which we brought from home. The porridge was plain cuz I already planned on giving her fish from Momoya. Clever or not? I also let her hold on to a stick of cucumber to nibble which unfortunately she managed to bite a small chunk off but unable to chew it down to palatable size and that chunk remained in her mouth for some time till I used some other food to lure her to open her mouth to dig it out. Today's conduct was considered quite ok. At least after some failed attempts of trying to stand up in the highchair, she stopped and just let us keep feeding her. At some point in time, she saw some kids come into the restaurant and she just kept yelling non-stop in her sharpest voice. That lasted quite a while but I couldn't care less since that was a happy and excited yell. Suddenly in the middle of nowhere, she started to chuckle and fake a cough. K and I were so amused. Such a pity we didn't manage to capture those precious moments. Thinking of that moment even makes me want to laugh out loud now :)

She grabbed hold of the menu.

And pretends to read it.

Being her Mummy, of course I knew what was up her sleeves. Her real purpose was of course to BITE the menu.

Gobbling up her BB when Daddy asked for a share.

She did her "offering" of finger food again during dinner time today. Many times. Sometimes just randomly to the wait staff who were rushing about and who didn't even notice her. Sometimes to the middle age lady next table. I wasn't sure if the lady saw her doing that. When she offered to me, I quickly grab it or nibble a bite before she retracts her hand again. Haha.

I was almost done after we had ordered at least 20 different dishes from the menu. Love their small servings. No sashimi this time!

I told K I had enough of Momoya after 2 visits. Will probably not come again till much later.

The extensive menu:

Still, I wasn't too happy that they don't include a single serving of cut fruits or a single scoop of ice cream in the ala carte buffet menu.

The clearest shot I have of XY with me.

Just wanted to show her new romper. We bought this during the recent Novena trip with Sherryl and Adelle. Adelle also has the same one but in a different colour. A little loose so I let her wear a bodysuit inside for time bring.

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