Saturday, September 11, 2010

When the girl wants to go downstairs for a walk...

Firstly, Mama puts on a bottom pce for her (if not she'll be in diapers only). In this case, a pair of leggings. The pair her Dad said "very auntie". Hello 死老头, Baby Gap leggings very auntie meh?

Then she somehow got the idea that we are going for gai gai and she picks up my Miffy bag for me. The one I usually carry with me for nearby trips.

There, this one :)

Checking for the contents in the bag.

Digging is more efficient.

She managed to open the note compartment of my wallet... and took out a $2 note.

And finally realised that a tenner can do much more. Ha!

P/S: This was days ago. Days after (now), she simply points to her pair of Hello Kitty mary janes left on the dining table to indicate her wanting to go gai gai. Upon bringing the shoes to her, she immediately sits on the floor to let me put on the shoes for her and let me hold her hands to walk the step out of the house. Next thing, she slams the metal gate close and off she walks towards lift lobby.

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