Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes. 19.09.2010 is our 11th dating anniversary but my husband chose to half can't-be-bothered and half forget. Half can't-be-bothered cuz he will usually let me choose where to go. Half forget means no need to buy present or flowers.

Um.. no need to feel sorry for me. It is already considered good compared to last year where we had dinner at my dad's place and there was no make-up celebration as we were simply too tired to be bothered. Little XY was barely 1.5months old that time. This year *drum roll* she is old enough to celebrate with us!! *maximum happiness*

There we were on the way out. Long time no take 自拍right? See how ladylike my little girl has grown? *like the ballerina on her new dress?*

Us in the backseat while K drives us around. See how much I adore the carseat?

We went for tea at Rose Veranda. Love the service at Shangri-la. From the moment we entered till we walked to RV, we were greeted by don't know how many staff. See the pretty tableware on the table already feel happy :P

The servant seats the Queen on her throne. hehe...

He simply loves her sooo much...

My "Pink Flamingo" tea. They have 128 kinds of tea selection in the menu. I am so impressed with myself. Anyhow choose also can choose such a nice tea. Even K who usually unable to appreciate tea commented the aroma was very nice. Think it was white tea with fruity flavour. Super like it but too bad I can only choose 1 type of tea (refillable). According to the wait staff, they have changed to TWG tea so can only choose 1 type of tea instead of like previously free flow. If you wanted to get free flow then have to top up $10++ per head which sounds ridiculous to me lor. Of course I did not top up for that. You would have thought that K would be clever enough to also order 1 of the nice teas but no, he ordered c-o-f-f-e-e. Anything special? I don't think so... except that the coffeecup was a Wedgewood. Of course the rest of the tableware also atas brand but then too atas for me to recognise la.

Um.. little bean bean has a new pattern these days. She loves to slide down whenever she's seated on ppl's legs or the sofa.

Me with my tea. Um.. I wasn't doing a thumbs-up sign. *Notice a little girl on the left trying to disturb ppl* (Me looking quite stone in the pic. K took super long time to take pics till my smile froze. I don't know why he can't do it properly??)

The little girl spent some time exploring the place. Glass pane was 1 of her favourites.

Ya she stayed there for quite a long time...

Curious little girl.

Happy or not? She was able to remain in the highchair for quite some time. Didn't even attempt to climb out at all. Ok she made quite a lot of noise so we stuffed her with lots of random food.

To be very frank, the food at RV really not worth mentioning. The creme bulee was the nicest thing (Bear in mind I have very little experience with creme bulee. So little that my spelling may be wrong too). These 3 little round things are nice too. Don't know what they are called but it's dark chocolate and green tea inside. Super nice. We had a total of 11 pcs between both of us.

Finally a pic of Mama with her little sweetie pie.

Ha as usual don't want to look at the camera. Playing with biscuit box. Sigh I really look mama-ish in this pic.

P/S: Sorry for the lousy post. Something wrong with blogger and I had to type everything 4 times to get it published.

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