Saturday, September 25, 2010


Still remember the pillow I bought for breastfeeding use? Didn't get to use it much during those days but recently it was put to good use again.

XY loves to climb and sit on our lap whenever we are seated on the floor so we put the pillow on our hips and she will sit on it. She loves it very much.

For a more intense use, she will slide downwards and start practising her shadowless kick.

When she becomes very tired, her Daddy puts her lie on top of it. Must make sure she very "stone" first then can do this if not she will wriggle all over.

Solo time: Yesterday while I was busy in the kitchen preparing her porridge, instead of following me to the kitchen (and lugging along her toys), she self-entertained in the living room. Played her Leapfrog activity table (she loves dancing along with the music) and the shape blocks. Next thing I saw when I checked on her, she was slouching on the pillow, watching TV.

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