Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It has been a while already but I have not announced this on my blog yet. Me and my girls are having this bi-weekly badminton session at Anchorvale CC. Happy or not? Finally get to workout leh. Although that pathetic frequency can't help much but I'm so glad for this arrangement that we can all meet up on a regular basis. Ok, so most of us made it most of the sessions except for my newly wedded Mrs Tan. You know la newly wed very busy one. Some more she's the only one not staying in the NE area. Forgive her la. Hahaha...

I usually don't bring my little girl along but last Sunday I had to bring her since her Daddy had to work. I ended up not playing much cuz I was busy bringing her outside of the court. It was too warm and stuffy for her. Didn't want her to catch any virus or get hurt in case of flying "cocks".

This is me. Accidental pic but how nice! Giraffee-y legs. Where else can you get that?

Mama made little XY sit in the corner to munch on her Baby Bites.

The fullest force we ever had. If only Ah Bui and 校队 were here it would have been full attendance.

How many times the girls stopped the game to entertain her, I lost count! See how kaypoh she is? Look at opposite court and the other hand wanna grab the racket.

In awe. Whose hand was that?

Hehe is not Auntie Rine anymore. Now upgraded to "干妈" :D

The curious little girl meddling with the shuttlecock tube.

I have to mention this. Den and I brought her to Mac for a little snack. She had a super bonus treat there. Many counts of crispy unsalted fries. If only she could talk now she would surely beg to go with Mama for future sessions. For the sake of the fries. But sorry girl, Mama won't be bringing you anymore...

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