Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Daddy's little girl definitely needs a hairclip to pull back her fringe now. My dad wants to cut her fringe but I can't bear to touch her hair at all. Also I want to grow XY's fringe long enough to tuck behind her ears instead of giving her bangs.

Happy little girl with her Dad.

A silly way to clip her hair but it is the most foolproof since she's forever moving around and pulling the clip off.

Reminds me of the the Flinestone baby girl. The cutie cutie one.

Oh ya she picked up a new hobby recently: 捡纸皮!
I usually have this habit to collect those recyclable items to dispose them in the recycling bin 2 blocks away from my block. Those items will be stored at the service yard and then disposed whenever the bag gets full enough. This little girl recognise her Baby Bites box and went to service yard and took it while I wasn't paying attention. Refuse to give it back to me!

Cheeky again. See her hair is clipped differently in this pic? Cuz she has this habit to pull the clip off every 10min or so. Funny thing is she no longer pull the clip immediately after I put it on for her like she used to. She will clap happily after I put the clip on (I told K about it. He said she probably thought this means can go gai gai so happy lor). It is after some time then she will "remember" about the clip then pull it off. Strange eh?

Random pics...

Finally she is tall enough to reach the metal bar of the dining table. I don't know what is the term to use so it will be "metal bar". Did I mention she loves to go under the dining table? I found her hiding there several times.

Her new "face". Very ugly hor.

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