Monday, September 6, 2010

Recent cooks

"Cooks this week" is getting harder to do. Running out of ideas (and skills of course) of what to cook these days...

Another attempt at making fish tofu - This is how it looks like when it is steamed. After cooling down, it is ready to be cut into smaller pieces.

And this is the Fish Tofu with assorted veggies. Pretty right the fish tofu? 1 of my proudest creations :)

Finally made use of the porcelain ware from Daiso after so long...

Ah... bird's nest for dessert. Well I had a few pieces leftover from my preggie days. Was supposed to consume it all the way from can't remember which week to week 40 but not disciplined enough to make it weekly during that period so now I have it once a while when I feel like having a little treat. See how concentrated it is? That's why I never ever buy those bottled ones. Much more cheaper to make my own and it's quite effortless too.

A simple dinner of pasta with chicken in cream sauce. Pasta for me and plain rice for the husband (pasta hater).

First attempt at 冬瓜汤. Why I did not attempt it earlier?? So simple to cook and so tasty. The little one LOVES it.

Cheater dish - 奶白with luncheon meat. Found leftover luncheon meat in the fridge so I fried the dish with lots of chilli padi. Super spicy man. I eat till damn happy :)

The super upgraded version of My Lonely Lunch - 当归鸡. Defrosted a drumstick the night before and marinated it with 当归,枸杞子,玉竹片and 红枣overnight. Steamed it for about 40min and there I have a very nutritious lunch :) Why do I have to defrost my meat? I have this standard procedure to buy a few drumsticks at the wet market every week and pack them into separate plastic bags for convenience. The 当归taste was very strong. Felt very 补after eating it. Will definitely make this for K's dinner 1 of these days. He will be very very impressed. Hehe...

Linguine Carbonara. Just watched an Italian chef demostrate this on Martha Stewart's show few days back. The chef said that carbonara does not require cream as it is usually perceived to. I decided to try make it. Streaky bacon was used. I do not know what atas cured meat the chef used. I assume is similar to pancetta kind. Results was ok just that my pan was too hot resulting the egg yolk to curdle a bit. And I didn't have any Parmesean cheese to go along. Just discovered the 2 packs of cheese in my fridge were expired ones. Quite a satisfying meal I made for my dinner while K who looked down on my pasta (when I mentioned pasta for dinner he replied that he will buy FRIED RICE from downstairs) turned up his nose.

I didn't exactly make these dumplings. I merely pan fried them and put some cherrylinos to pair up. These are the Fairprice house brand chives dumplings I recently discovered. Surprisingly good and good to have those in the freezer in case of emergency. Never look down on house brands again ok? :P


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