Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beanster Family outing Nov 2010 - Part 2

* Warning: Text and pic heavy post. Bedok-Orchard-Bedok long journey la... *

How nice to have 2 PH in a month right? Yes so it's another outing for the family :)
Supposed to go on the Flyer with the in-laws but due to bad weather we decided to postpone it till later. K got the 1 for 1 from eating too much Mac Donald's hence the initiative to go Flyer.

The family went to Suntec. Been soooo long since we went there. I missed this place quite a bit. Miss the times we used to loiter around during lunch time and not forgetting the nursing room I never miss to go every single day.

Upon reaching, something bad happened. Some kid holding BALLOON walked pass us. That is such a dangerous thing and we didn't know it before... till that moment. We had a screaming little girl yearning for that balloon. We don't normally succumb to her every request and hence we just walked on. Who knows the little girl refuse to move! She just sat down on the ground of the shopping centre. Very embarassing right? Like the parents never teach her well. Ok nevermind we continue to walk, hoping that she will soon follow. Haha fat hope she just continued to sit there. This is something we realised of late - when she can't get her way, she would simply sit at whichever spot it happened. Or rather did not happen. No choice Daddy had to carry her in order to stop this drama. Yep no more pram for family outings.

Suay or not? Keep walking, keep seeing more kids with BALLOONS!


"There too!!!"

Ok finally after some time she forgot about it. Thank god kids have a short memory span. But the other problem is she walks anywhere she likes, not following the parents. For example, loitering at door of carpet shop pretending to shop for real carpets...

Found the playground S took Adelle but it was very very crowded. Ok she didn't enjoy it much anyway. Wasted our time to walk all the way there.

Her enthusiasm is only that much...

XY with Mama. Don't know what kind of expression. Mama was holding some snacks to get her attention but she rather pull her hairclip off.

More window shopping after dinner...
First stop is to inspect the doors of the closed bank. Somehow she loves doing the "slanted head" action very often these days. Don't know where she learn it from. We have never done such actions.

Sigh, not even 1.5years old and already 发结婚梦.

Another instance she refused to go and sat on the ground. I seriously can't remember what was going on. Perhaps K can recall? Ok suddenly recalled. She wanted to go into Kalm's where all the "bear bears" are inside but we didn't let her go so she did her signature move.

After more drama along the way,we reached the diaper change room and after more more drama, finally made it out of the area. It feels so happy and jolly shopping near Christmas time. All the Christmas songs and deco just makes one happy eventhough not celebrating this festival.

Badly taken pic but still post for the sake of Mr Gingerbread Man.

Ah, bet most of us did not notice how many kiddy rides Suntec has right? After that night, K and I totally aware there are LOTS there. Every few steps we meet 1. Somehow by default kids just love kiddy rides and balloons, ball ball. See how happy my little girl was when we put her on 1. But there was a short queue so we had to move on. Another drama of course but we managed to find 1 a few steps away. That one no queue for it. I don't know why there was a queue for this since the characters seems quite ugly to me.

It's a Yellow School Bus. In US, all the school buses are yellow. A little girl came by to "share".

Lone ranger again.

Actually we didn't insert any coin for the ride cuz the seats were too high for her. She has to stand all the while. Sit down, her legs will be hanging in the air. And she really prefers to be inside stationary. I tried a few times inserting a coin previously, she goes all shocked and didn't dare to move. Didn't enjoy it.

Very unwilling to leave and her dad said insert a coin and let her play for a while. This is the same guy who once told me he would never let his kids play "this kind of things".

Surprisingly she kind of loves the ride. At least she responded. Good. Never waste mama's $1.

See the artistic shot mama took after play. It's not ugly. It's artistic. Mama's nose is so radiant it shone (not oily!). The kid looks trapped. The daddy looks forced. Not because he saw the face with the radiant nose pls.

Final destination for the night. Eat ice cream! Found an ice cream shop in a secluded corner. We have come to love secluded places now. No need to feel shy when Miss Screamer does her things. Scream all she wants and no one will look at us. Plastic spoon to entertain her for time being.

This was before we discovered the highchair.

Moved to an even more secluded table after the highchair realisation. She is very happy. Must be anticipating something good on the way. Even a 1 year old knows ice cream is good stuff haha.

And so our order arrived. This is the silliest waffle presentation I've ever seen - Waffle (full of holes at the sides indicating not enough amount poured into the waffle maker) cut into 4 pcs, stacked and ice cream placed separately from them. No fork/knife. Only 2 long ice cream spoons given. It is perfectly understandable if this was charged at hawker centre price but it wasn't. Dumb right? So difficult to eat. Anyway it meant nothing to XY. She was happy just looking at the plate :)

She literally snatched the spoon each time her daddy refilled it. No problem to self-feed at all. No dripping too! Looks like besides donut and bread-like texture food which she can self-feed with fork, she can also self-feed ice cream now.

It was evident that the day's activities left her drained. Fell asleep while on the way back. Usually she awakes when daddy carries her off the carseat but she must be over exhausted this day.

Really exhausted man!

Mama was early to judge. Within few minutes she suddenly sprung to life again and how we wished she could have slept till morning. *Chomping the cordless phone*

Her latest activity - rolling about on the sofa.


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