Sunday, November 7, 2010

Recent cooks

Quite a lot of pics this week. But it doesn't mean I did lots of cooking. I've included some pics of my Bean Bean's meals since they are more "interesting" than before. No more boring, unseasoned old porridge. *Yeah of behalf of Bean*

Rare chance that K was home at dinner time so I tried to make something interesting. Ok, maybe you think 鲁肉饭 is sooooo boring and uninteresting but hello, pls take a closer look. The way of presentation is different so I can say it's interesing!

Ah more interesting stuff to come...
Crepe-wrapped smoked duck breast.
Obviously all were bought in the frozen section of the supermarket but still it requires some good skills to make it right you know? Ok, not really but it sure made me oily everywhere man. The duck breast was super oily and it had super thick oily skin.

Poor duck breast kana cut by me and my unsharp knife. Some more cut too thick. Why AJ still haven't buy the knife at Fairprice? Ya still procrasinating after I got my 12 stamps ages ago. Seriously I thought they were packed SLICED instead of whole piece.

This is the final product. Sorry no good shots. My hands super oily from doing all that wrapping.

Peking duck wannabe. *Ding ding ding: Christmas potluck alert*

Fried Mee Siam. Inspired by 1 of the mummies from SMH July thread. Of course hers (cooking and photography skills) much better than mine but I think I fared well too. Used Woh Hup Mee Siam paste which was super difficult to get. Got it at the 5th supermarket I attempted including 1 search by my Novena spy. My late mum used to present her fried bee hoon this way and see how quickly I learned :)

I love this dish while K kept complaining too dry. He didn't squeeze lime juice. Oh btw I used 新竹米粉 which really isn't that great but much more expensive. Maybe because it's not from native 新竹?

*After the ordeal of slicing the prawns, I am officially hating those ppl who can slice or half prawns without difficulty and yet beautifully. My passing rate was only 1 in 10. Only 1 prawn was donely nicely well the rest were "koyak".*

Baked rice with cream sauce. Yeah my poor isolated oven is back in action.

Ingredients: chicken sausages, canned mushrooms, canned pineapple with canned creamy mushroom soup and lots of cheese (mixture of mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan).

I took a small portion to try before feeding Bean. Yes, she had the same food as us for dinner but there was some problem feeding her eventhough this is NOT porridge cuz she kept wanting to self-feed using her toddler fork but this is rice how to self-feed with fork? So the clever mama used fork to pick up pineapple cubes and mushroom bits so that she can self-feed some portion. K said it was "Ok and so-so" but he ate most of it and leaving me only minute portion (minute for my standard) and I felt hungry even after dinner.

Food for the little one:
These days I cook plain or pumpkin porridge with 1 or 2 side dishes for her. No more mashy porridge all in 1 bowl. No more plain, unseasoned food.

Steamed egg custard with minced pork. She loved it. Maybe because that's a novelty? Nope. I made this 2 times and 1 more time without minced pork but I added soft tofu. She loves it all 3 times :)

Steamed threadfin with wolfberries. 2 slices ginger underneath the fish. She didn't quite like this. Not sure is it because of the ginger smell too strong. I did another variation - with soft tofu and without ginger. She seems to like it better.

Fried long beans. Ok I know it doesn't look like baby food but I'm trying to give her new variety to make her interested in eating.

Long bean omelette. Same food as what I would be having for my lunch. No longer need to cook separate dish. 1 dish, mama and daughter can eat together.

Baked star-shaped potatoes. Ultimate junkfood that the little one gets as a treat. Well, those were too hard and dry for her poor little throat. Although she enjoyed using her toddler fork to self-feed, I think she won't be getting it anytime soon. She had 4 pcs.

Bird's Eyes' vegetable fingers to accompany the star-shaped potatoes (Farmland). Well that completed 1 of her dinner meals. No struggling to keep her mouth shut. K was concerned this kind of food too dry to swallow and suggested I cook bee hoon soup for her. I did, for the next meal, using freshly boiled chicken stock and she loved it. No pics of bee hoon soup cuz of the badly sliced red snapper (by me of course) I don't know how to shoot a pic.

Ribbon pasta with chicken soup (pumpkin and soft tofu in case you were wondering). Not too bad, she finished most of it. Finished about 15pcs of the ribbons, last few pcs eaten dry, on its own, without soup as she's simply obsessed about self-feeding with her fork right now. She refused to be spoon fed by mama but when mama used the fork to pick a pce of ribbon for her, she gobbled it up hungrily. Horrible! Cold, dry and tasteless she also wants.

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