Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sean Lau Photography - End product collected

We attempted to go on Monday. I tried to call for inform Adelena we were going down but no one answered the phone.

See my little girl dressed up in her demin jumper skirt.

Her favourite page of the colour book. *Cat cat says "Meow".*

结果铺了一场空. Reached the place realised SL is closed. Later on think back. Shit they are closed on Sunday and Monday. Nvm we go walk walk at PS where the little girl enjoyed some treats.

Wednesday finally got Adelena on the phone and we went down after the girl's nap.

Short short dress with silver shoes. My favourite shoes :)

At PS Mac again having the same things as 2 days back. Chocolate donut.

She was very happy with the straw. Didn't even shout for my cold drink like she usually does.

On the way walking towards PS from mrt. This is her favourite path so far. Super happy whenever I release her from her pram. Badly taken cuz I need to use 1 hand to push the pram.

Little girl expert in eating donut.

Her usual behaviour when she is eating something nice.

And finally... here are the 5 prints in super good quality photo paper.

The tabletop which I have no idea where to place it. The lady at SL suggested hang on the wall in her room. Good idea, can consider.

They also gave me this CD which includes the 5 edited selections and all softcopies. Phew luckily the CD was nicely presented. The other time they gave me a plain CD for the softcopy which made me so shocked.

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ferinesok said...

nice,..i like the high chair one best