Saturday, November 6, 2010

Storage of raw food

I'm putting this up for the benefit of a newly introducing solids mummy.
* You know who you are :) *

Every saturday morning after our weekly market trip at Sengkang Square, AJ will be busy in the kitchen for at least 1 hour unpacking, repacking and preparing XY's lunch. Yes, you got it right. 1 hour just to do simple things like these. What to do? I am super slow in doing things and touch one thing, wash hands one time. Waste of time and make my dry hands even drier.

I usually ask the fishmonger to slice the fish for me so each slice is just nice for XY's 1 meal. Speaking of this, I bought a small piece of red snapper at Cold Storage yesterday. Asked the lady to slice it into smaller pieces for me but she said better not cuz the flesh will 碎 (scatter all over) after I bring it home. Pls la when I go home use my unsharp knife and my "wonderful" slicing skills, the poor slice of fish suffered even more 碎ness. Super ugly. Don't want to mention it. The good thing about buying fish at wet market is that you can get the seller to slice for you the way you want. I've previous encounters at Fairprice the lady refuse to slice for me cuz it is pre-packed in styrofoam box and she said no cutting service.

So this is how I store the fish. Pack the individual slices into plastic bags and tie a knot then put into plastic container and freeze. Very nice right? I even drew a fish on the cover to remind myself eventhough there is only 1 such container in the freezer. Note the beautiful slices of threadfin. Costs $2+ per slice ok. Super lucky girl I have.

I do the same steps for minced pork and chicken parts but they have bigger containers.

Ok, this doesn't really look like a chicken but I think I can identify the chicken box easily enough. hehe...

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