Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recent cooks

Not much of cooking for the week. As usual dinner time was only me and Bean.

Bought a rice mould from Daiso and decided to try make my own onigiri. I do not have short grain rice so I added more water to the rice when cooking. Filling is crabsitck mayo and pounded black sesame stirred with the rice. Quite nice actually :)

Second experiment I used pork floss. Quite nice too.

Perhaps when Bean is bigger I can make this for her :)

Lemon wings. Got the recipe from Wokking Mum. If you do not look at the blackish part in the serving bowl it's actually quite nice. That was caused by the sauce being dried up during baking. I finished my share and these were re-baked for K when he was back from work. His supper actually.

Set dinner for 1. Hahaha dinner alone again so I tried to cheer myself up by making up fancy names. Blanched veggies, grilled prawns and steamed egg custard. Yums :)

Close-up of the prawns. The garlic was kind of raw so I didn't eat that.

Made this when my bro was over for dinner. Baked chicken leg, prawns and root veggies. I am the root veggies expert by now. Forever those same few types and no leafy greens for long time. By the way baked pumpkin is super nice and since my princess hates pumpkin I buy and cook for myself.

Food for the little girl:

Angel's hair with soup and ingredients placed separately. Ya she prefers to eat this way. Most times she can finish 1 big bowl of the pasta.

Steamed egg custard with pumpkin puree. I had to try something interesting to make her eat pumpkin. Have to steam pumpkin and mash then beat together with the egg and steam again. Extra work but totally worth it cuz she loves it so much.

Mashed potato with steamed fish mixed together. Her least favourite is mashed potato but my favourite cuz easiest to make. She got problem swallowing it.

This is the chicken stock I cook for her for noodle soup days. The excess stock will be kept to cook porridge for the next day. 1 pot of stock is good for 4 meals. Can even use the stock for egg custard. Yep these few weeks she has her own stock cuz mama did not cook soup for dinner. For reference, these are the ingredients: 2 chicken bones, 1 cob of corn (Malaysian), 1 baby carrot, some 玉竹片, 1 scallop to 1-1.2litres of water. Some salt to be added when almost ready.

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