Monday, November 8, 2010


Let me see so far what have we done for our most precious little girl...
Mama quits a good paying job to stay home to be a 黄脸婆. Daddy works extra hard to earn more $ to feed the family. The family forgoes all luxury indulgences. And what is her aspirations? Answer: To be a 啤酒妹. Pls see context below for affirmation.

While mama was busy at the sink area (again!!! Yes, it happens a few times a day), she ventured into the service yard despite mama shouting, scolding and threatening her NOT TO! Ok nevermind, let her wander for a while. As usual, the carton of Mug Rootbeer got her attention. So she dug and dug into the carton like gold-digging. You should see her triumphant look when she finally managed to get hold of 1 can and walked out to the living room to entertain herself. Well, mama just let her have some fun with it.

The cheeky girl who thinks it's very funny to hold a can of Rootbeer (根啤酒).

Pretending to drink it from the can.

Having the last few moments of fun while mama is on standby to take it back anytime.

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