Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beanster Family outing Nov 2010

Yeah the family outing started early this month due to PH - Deepavali. I thought of going for picnic at Marina Barrage but ended still Orchard Road... Ok mainly because K wanted to eat 鼎泰丰. And me? I decided not to bring porridge after the porridge-rejection saga the past few days.

Papa and his girl.

Mama saw her running around happily so squat down try to capture some shots but she ran back and took Mama as a 布景 or interesting backdrop. Guess what was she doing? I had the "essentials" bag on my left shoulder and my handbag on my right. She was walking in circles meddling with my bags while I remain squatted still trying hard to shoot her. Yep we don't use the pram these days. She's not keen to sit inside the pram when there are so many temptations along the way. *READ: Can anyhow run, pull, sit*

Finally her Daddy can't take it. He put her on the changing unit of a display playpen. She kept wanting to pull and take everything she saw. K said she's so heavy the changing unit still can take her weight? My reply was "Pls la 8kg only, if can't take her weight then who wants to buy?"

Bean Bean was fascinated with the pretty pastry display at O-Cha-Cha. *Note to self: Must go for tea 1 day. Miss the sandwiches.*

The family was queuing for our 鼎泰丰 dinner and she did the usual thing - meddle with my bag. *Girl, another 17 years ok. Mama will loan to you :)*

"Mama, why so many 包s? Really so nice meh?"

Yes, another one of her funny tricks.

Leaning her back against Mama's legs.

And finally we were seated! Sorry no pics of how she ENJOYED her dinner (finally!!) cuz Mama was trying hard to eat while she was shouting for more food, faster. Ok, also because the camera battery flat. *LOL*

Just for the record, she had a few tablespoons of fried rice (from the plate which contains prawns and she showed no signs of allergy), some noodle soup with 2 vegetable/pork dumplings, few strands of spinach and of course a taste of the 招牌菜- 小笼包.

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