Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recent cooks

A week of baking/grilling. A week of happiness cuz not as oily as compared to pan-frying.
Hello oven, welcome back :)

Grilled chicken with root veggies. I used Wokking Mum's recipe of Hoisin sauce wings to make this. K was very impressed with the chicken. His exact words "Got improvement, not bad" but I don't tell him what was in the marinate. Hoisin sauce (which I thought never going to finish), grated garlic and ginger. It's that simple. Except the veggies weren't cooked enough. Still very "crunchy". Too crunchy. So I'm going to attempt this dish again the following week to make it better.

Baked rice. Ok I could be a little too obsessed once I got it right (just like the ikan bilis 3 times in a week). I had half a can of mushroom soup left in my fridge along with cheese, pineapples. My bro came visiting close to lunch time so I thought I might make this to impress him and also because he loves cheese.

A slight variation from previous made. Besides pineapple and mushrooms, shredded chickena and cherry tomatoes were added. My dear bro certainly enjoyed it :)

Um... I promise 3 times is my max when I am obsessed. Actually I promised K to have baked rice for dinner but since I made it for an impromptu lunch for my bro so I bought other ingredients for dinner. Seafood theme with tomato based sauce for dinner. Seafood meaning imitation crab sticks and prawns. I spread the prawns only on half the dish cuz XY will be having the same food as us for dinner.

The outcome. Very failure. I think that was because I did not cook the rice with mixed herbs and olive oil spread (my butter substitute). Plain rice is terrible. By the time K ate his portion, worse. Re-baked failure rice...

Don't feel like buying packed lunch downstairs so I rummaged the fridge and came up with this baked potato thingy. A layer of sliced potato, sour cream, chicken chunks, another layer of potato and cheese and off to bake in the oven. Tastes good.

Threadfin in tomato sauce. This was the dish I tried to make specially for XY a week ago but she didn't like it so I took a little to taste and it was really yummy so it was strange why she didn't like it. Cooking threadfin in tomato sauce really cleared my "fear" of this fish which I used to think is very fishy. So I decided to do it expand my dinner menu by making this a family dish. See I bought a big piece of threadfin from the market? Ended up eat with XY since K not able to make it back for dinner again. XY loves it so much and kept pointing to it. Strange right she didn't like it before.

Dinner was complete with my favourite cauliflower soup. Easy to prepare and it's my ultimate comfort food. I only had to put some rice into the soup to feed her (sans the black pepper of course). So that was 1 of those good days I don't have to cook our meals separately. Mama and daughter can eat the same food for dinner.

P/S: I was having my own dinner after XY was done with hers and she kept running back to me pointing for more fish. Mama is happy and will be making it often for her.

Cheater pizza - Hawaiian. Got this inspiration from noobcook (who isn't noob at all!). Pita bread was used as base of pizza. Gosh it worked so well that I think no one should buy frozen ready-made pizza bases anymore.

Portion was just nice for 1 pax although I overdo the toppings. Next try will be using tortilla wraps as base. Even thinner base.

Ok this looks really hideous. I had half a slice of bread and half boiled egg left so I decided to do an experiment (eventhough very full from the Hawaiian pizza above). Spread some wasabi mayo on the bread, topped with ham and half boiled egg. Baked with cheese. Experimenting if wasabi mayo with such toppings can be nice or not. And I think I'm such a genius. Yes, the combination is very nice. Maybe next round I will do that to impress K. Very hard to get a genuine "nice" or "好吃" from him ok.

Lastly, a sample of my little girl's meal. Porridge was served in the chawanmushi cup to look more enticing but it didn't work with her. She KNOWS porridge IS porridge no matter served in whatever fancy tableware. Anyway I now found a special statement to make her open her mouth willingly. Hope it will work in the days to come...

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