Friday, January 21, 2011

Day out with mummy

I try to bring XY out during weekday at least once a week. Usual places we go are Orchard, NEX and Compass Point (as if it's any surprise?). Ok eversince NEX opened I even dread going to my favourite place - Orchard, due to NEX so super convenient, just 3 stops away by train. Ya even now become auntie I still love going to Orchard.

Anyway happened that I have a buyer for my Fridge-to-go (that heavy cooler bag I used to lug to and fro work everyday to store my ebm) so I went to Cityhall which was near her work place. After some mis-communication which resulted in time delay, I was very desperate to find a not crowded eating place (wayyyy past XY's lunchtime and I was panicking). Ok after about a year of not working, I'd almost forgotten how crowded Raffles City is during lunch hours. Out of desperateness, I settled for a small shop selling sets consisting of any 3 dishes of your choice + rice/bread + coffee/tea. Actually the concept reminded me of the little Paris trip K and I took years ago. (We had chap cai png for breakfast, lunch and dinner on some days. Not cheap but somehow it was all we wanted to eat!) The dishes were displayed deli-style and you select what you want, they would microwave it and serve it to you. Exactly like what we had in Paris. Haha.

See this cute signboard hung up on the wall...

Btw, the tea they served was a good Earl Gray. I wasn't having high hopes since it was "FOC" with the set but the tea was in a silk bag and served in a nice glass cup and saucer :) Also, for the record, XY shared the meal with me. She is officially OPENED to non-homecooked food now. Not that I will openly announce to K yet. I still want her to eat healthy for now although she has now eaten many times Yoshinoya beef bowl for lunch and a couple times at Food Republic. I no longer bring porridge when just the 2 of us out. Imagine I leave at about 11am still have to prepare porridge!!

There she sits while waiting patiently for our lunch. Her patience soon wore off cuz she was simply too hungry and sleepy. BUT after having her fill, she was happy again and thankfully, stopped screaming. (The office lunch crowd were STARING at us when XY screamed and whined. I was too embarassed to look at them. It was probably not often they witness such scenes during lunch time.) We survived a meal without highchair. I am so proud of myself. *beams* Some friends tell me they can't bring the kid without hubby but I do it all the time. Not that challenging!

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