Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recent cooks

What a week of noodles... the rice in my rice container can last longer as you know it is not auspicious to have a near empty rice bucket during CNY. LOL what a great reasoning.

Great start of the week with the simplest noodle meal anyone can cook come up with in minutes. Cold noodles in Japanese style. I bought the noodles from Daiso some time back. When I finally cooked it, I realised it came with dipping sauce which only needed to mix with cold water to serve. I added some Korean sesame oil (yeah Korean one more fragrant) to mix and even K kind of liked this dinner. *Went back to Daiso in search of this noodles but no one seems to know about its existence or past existence.*

I made chicken mushroom noodle soup the previous week and it was quite close to the one my late mum used to make. I loved it so much that I had to do it again the following week. In fact I can eat it every week and I don't think I will get sick of it. To make dinner more interesting, I decided to do a dry-noodle version instead. There we have jade noodles tossed with sesame oil, light soya sauce and Sun brand shredded scallop (my new secret weapon which is something like XO sauce but sauceless), topped with shredded chicken and mushroom slices. Instead of having quail's eggs and 福州 fishballs, I put mini Korean dumplings in the soup.

炒粿条 on my new frying pan. Whoa I need time to adjust to my new toy. It heats up so fast that I couldn't catch up. I love how evenly the heat is distributed.

Bean's menu: The most interesting week of her solid meal life!

Fried bee hoon. 1st time making this for her. She quite like it although she didn't finish up everything. Mama didn't mind eating the leftover though.

While daddy and mummy had the dry-noodle version, she had the soup noodle version. She loved it. Mama loved it too cuz cook 1 pot soup can feed the entire family from lunch to dinner :)

She also had 炒粿条 but with fish instead of prawns. She can't bite very well yet so still fish for her for now. Slightly burnt but still edible.

It was porridge lunch again and I tried to make a new side dish for her although not very successful. Had attempted to make pan fried potato patty but too lazy to dip in egg and coat with corn flour, resulting in very chui patty. I made her eat it anyway.

Steamed tofu with fish. Very beautiful I think.

Fried bee hoon again when I had no idea what to cook. No more greens in the fridge and weather too wet to go to the supermarket. Luckily there was a backup tomato in the fridge (given by my buddy cum neighbour) so she still gets her carbs, protein and vitamins as I always make sure she does in every meal.


Anonymous said...

Hello Atrina,
I came by your blog on Eileen's. I really enjoyed reading your posts (I'm a stay-at-home mom too :)) and will continue to come back again to finish the rest.
Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Anonymous said...

Hello Josephine,
I'm so sorry I got your name wrong. My bad.

pinkdewy said...

Hi Pearl, thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure which Eileen you mean. Lavished?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eileen of Lavished.