Sunday, January 30, 2011

XY the garang tomboy wannabe

We were at the playground one late afternoon before dinner. As usual XY doesn't like to interact with the kids at the playground. She usually walks away when a child walks towards her direction. She's a loner as K and I term it. I'm not sure if it's anything to worry about but there was one time she actually did show some affection towards the cute Japanese girl (4 months older than her) after lots of encouragement from the Jap mummy and myself. Ok out of the many times, she only played along once...

This particular day, I found out what she is really interested in. Boys' stuff! Just as the other kids at the playground adjourned home, she insisted to stay on by sitting very near to the bunch of new-comer boys. See the below pic she seems to be one of the gang but actually no one paid attention to her haha. I was so amused by this scene - toddler girl very interested in big boy toys and big boys played among themselves without acknowledging her presence. I guess boys this age don't bother about babies or toddlers much. Oh by the way, those were Beyblades with a "stadium". My bro also played Beyblades when he was around this age. I still remember Aaron Kwok sang the theme song in Cantonese version haha.

Another view of how much she wanted to be part of the gang. I just let her sit there and make sure the Beyblades don't hit her when they are in operation.

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