Saturday, January 8, 2011

Poor Mama Jo

Very sad hor. I was trying to film XY's reactions and she was chasing me (and my cam) and I had to "gostan" all the way to avoid her.

We were checking out the rooftop playground at NEX 1 fine day but it was not opened yet. Um well, anyway I tried to take a panoramic shot of the play area (to show K) but not very successful and no time to take another one with little one running around. K asked me why was the building "broken". Ok obviously this is a failure thing haha.

Taken on normal mode. Children's playground on the left and "wet park" on the right. I'm just wondering would I let my child play at the "wet park" and bring towel and extra clothing to change her? I used to loathe ppl who let their children play at the Bugis Junction fountain and now, the Vivo open area. Ok but at least this IS a proper "wet park" kind of playground. See it to believe it!

There is also a pet cafe up there. As you can see from the pic, little XY is very excited about it. She goes "ah ah ah" excitedly and happily whenever she sees animals whether on TV, in books or in the streets. We really should not keep delaying a trip to our world-class zoological gardens.

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