Friday, January 14, 2011

My Banane Taipei bag is here

After weeks and weeks of waiting, my 台北娇蕉包 finally arrived in the mail today. Ok, not in the mail. The neighbourhood friendly post-lady sent it up to me cuz it's registered. She even joked with me that she would have to send it up anyway since the package cannot fit into the letterbox.

I waited for Bean to take her afternoon nap to open the package. Honestly it wasn't what I expected it to be. There were 4 colours for fall/winter collection and I chose the Msytique Brown which I regretted and tried to change to Champagne Grey the next day but it was too late. But still, it's the widely sought after eco-friendly Banane Taipei bag so no regrets and no way am I putting it up for sale.

I just love the concept of this bag. Totally caring for the earth. Can you see it's a cotton flower?

Apparently they can only make 6 bags in an hour because of their detailed quality control and handmade process. This also contributes to the long waiting time for the bag.

The inside pocket. Yes, each bag has a unique serial number, just like our high end big brand bags.

I saw a pic posted by a BTP fan who used a white satin ribbon to wrap the handle of the bag and tie it with a butterfly knot. Very nice idea and I happened to have a spare ribbon in the drawer so I tried to do it but seriously how to wrap in such a way that both ends end up on the same side? Cannot make it so I tried my own method which is somewhat similar to a Hermes twilly done way :)

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