Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recent cooks

My last cooks of 2010. Hopefully I can do much better in 2011 :)

Attempted to do mac and cheese after inspired by noobcook which I MUST stress again she is nowhere near noob! Failed badly cuz never follow instructions properly. Supposed to add flour after butter melted and before milk but I added flour after milk which resulted the mixture consistency to be watery instead of slightly thick. Um.. too bad this was for XY's dinner and I didn't bother to make another batch of the sauce. She didn't enjoy it. Doesn't like mac and cheese. Strange...

Second attempt for sharing with my bro but K ended up eating the whole thing up! The sauce was done nicely per instructions. I added sausages and hard boiled egg (leftover ingredients from pizza making).

And finally, I made another one to share with bro. He likes it very much :)

For a change, I decided to make burgers for dinner. Got the shrimp patty from CP. It was great and cheap for the quality.

With fries as a side.

好扎实的馅料啊 :D

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