Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dressing up the BTP bag - step by step pics

My buddy bought a ST bag with a nice bling bling Hello Kitty charm. I cannot lose out to her! I must also be hardworking to zhng my bag! *EVIL*

Ok la I'm not that competitive. The fans of BTP, some of them want to know how to tie the ribbon on the handles and so I decided to be a kaypoh and do a step by step mini tutorial :D

As shown on previous post, this is one of the ways to dress up the handle. This ribbon sat inside the drawer for more than 1.5yrs. I bought this to tie on my belly while doing my pregnancy shoot (week 37) and now my little girl is coming 18 months. I'm putting this pce of neglected ribbon to good use eh ;P

A close up of the ends.

Now comes the step by step pics.
Firstly, divide the length of the ribbon into half and put in onto the middle of the handle. (Lace ribbon is found in the same drawer and bought for the same purpose - meaning it is also at least 1.5yrs old.)

Step 2: Twirl the ribbon around the handle relatively tightly, ensuring no gaps in between.

Step 3: Twirl all the way to the end.

Step 4: Upon reaching the end point, twirl an additional round around the handle.

Step 5: Slot the end of the ribbon into the additional twirl of the ribbon and tie it tightly.

The handle is half done. Do the same for the other side.

Viola! Completed! You can cut the ends shorter to make it more proportionate to the bag if you like.

However, I thought of some variations that can be done. Just a simple knot (eg. reef knot) makes it nice and presentable too.

Don't like long loose ends? Tie a small butterfly knot :)

And here, I have 2 contrasting handles.

If you have some extra ribbon of the same kind, you can also tie a separate butterfly knot at the end. Pretty too.

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