Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recent cooks

Start with XY's menu first. Why? Because I uploaded in the wrong sequence and too lazy to drag them down. Haha.

Fried rice with Worcestershire sauce (I took out the bottle for the spelling) and tomato sauce. 1 of her 1st meals with no soup/gravy. She seemed to like it. Finished almost the whole serving. This was a family meal - meaning everyone ate the same food.

Pancake for lunch? Am afraid so. LOL. Yep Sat lunch is kinda "special". She gets either KFC/Mac pancakes or Yoshinoya beef bowl cuz by the time we return from our weekly market trip, it'll be too rush to prepare her lunch. Pancake is my new experiment the night before and using the batter, I made her fresh pancakes. Sadly she doesn't seem to like it much.

蛋花汤 with yellow noodles. A good thing I often have chicken stock in the fridge (usually cook a batch enough for at least XY's 4 meal portions). She loves chicken. She loves noodles. She loves soups. No further explanations needed. Period.

I was contemplating what to cook and somehow came up with a "pirated" version of my mum's mushroom chicken soup and so the family had this for dinner. XY and me had this for lunch as well. I will be cooking this very often now. Everyone likes it. Though K said still a long way to go before reaching my mum's standards.

Now to the adults' menu.

Remember the 炒年糕 I cooked the previous week? Well I promised to cook the same gravy over plain rice since K likes the gravy but not the 年糕. But I think I overdid the ingredients. Too much of everything. K said he couldn't make out what I was trying to cook. See, I have a 美食专家 at home.

Pancake craze. Got this nice and simple recipe from Rasa Malaysia - a Malaysian who resides in US. She's got a very interesting blog with very simple and easy comprehensive recipes and I love them all.

K's supper. Pancake with banana. He didn't really feel hungry but I WANTED to make him these. Haha. Not bad for a 1st timer :)

Mine with blueberries.

Ok I got so addicted that I made them 3 consecutive days. This happens when I found something new to make - I make them in consectutive batches. After the sweet flavours, I tried savoury ones.

With cheddar cheese.

Served ala "Marche crepe-style". The thickness of this pancake is too thick though.

Actually it's good even with just maple syrup :D

Ah another recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Mee Soto. I followed mostly but added in lemongrass for more fragrance. I have been craving for a nice Mee Soto for weeks but there isn't any Malay stall at my neighbourhood. When I finally got down to cooking this, I realised it is soooo easy to make.
K said it's delicious. Well, most things served in yellow noodles tastes good to him... I also made inpromptu begedils thanks for my buddy cum neighbour passing me corned beef and a russet potato. XY and K loved the begedils. I made those based on my own estimation. Not authentic hehe.

A close-up of the soup. I followed RM's recipe and added some cocont milk but I saw in some other recipes they don't.

Since my version of begedil was popular the day before, I decided to replicate it for dinner the next day.

New soup on the menu. Followed noobcook's Chinese cabbage soup recipe. Very simple. Just add on long cabbage to the usual corn and carrot soup I cook and there I get a even sweeter and delightful soup. I never knew cabbage can make that soup taste so nice. Will be cooking that very often now.

Um.. that's my lonely dinner before K got home from work.

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