Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 1: Singapore > Tokyo

Yawn... woke up early in the morning.
Had wanted to take MRT but Hubs insisted on taking a cab.
Left my nice umbrella on the cab without knowing.
Quite sad. My little umbrealla with golden handle.
Silly drizzle lor. Drizzle for that few minutes while we waiting cab.

Reached T1 quite fast. Plus point of staying in SK :)
Bo liao pic taken when the smoker went for his break.

Of course we went for the Economy Class

Was a short flight since transit at HKIA but ran into turbulence and I felt really sick.
Luckily they served Haagen Dazs ice cream :)

My old man got his chocolate flavour.
Old man hands really very old leh.

The nice FA gave me these and come over few times to check on my condition.

Self-taken pic before reaching HK.

CX flight always at last few gates.
Luckily I'm clever enough to take the skytrain.
Mr Smoker walked all the way there.

First time to Japan and first time filling in this form.
Handwriting ugly? Not mine lor.

Feel like singing in sync with that "北京欢迎你" song.
Auntie Jo all tired and greasy after all the travelling.

Mr S got excited seeing this vending machine at Narita airport.

AJ says "NOOO"!

AJ needs a drink badly.

Got this for 150yen.

Suica & N'EX for 3500yen/pax.
Super worth but only valid for tourists.

While waiting for the train to arrive, saw a little eatery.
Wonder if it has anything to do with sg's Waraku?

While waiting for the train...

Train is exactly on time but by the time I took pic, 1 min has passed.

After checking in to Hotel Sakura Ikebukuro, it's close to 12am but there's still quite a lot of eateries open and we went for Yoshinoya.
24hrs in operation at this particular branch.

The wall hung menu looks cool

Pork bowl for Hubs and beef bowl for me.
Super yummy but we ordered wrongly. Came without soup.
Think it's 330yen for pork bowl and 380yen for beef bowl.
Very fulfilling supper.

Almost 12am but petshop still open.

Last pic for the night.
Blind-friendly traffic light facility.

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