Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 6: Tokyo > Akihabara & Shibuya

This is a happy day for Hubs.
We were heading to Akihabara Electric Town which the name already tells you it's a place that will bore me.

First pic of the day to show off my new socks bought from that massive socks shop at Harajuku.
See, I'm so determined to show off my socks that I don't even mind showing my thick waist and fat hips.

While heading to the JR station, we saw this small curry shop and I immediately recognised this was the one Amy had recommended - C&C Curry.
Decided to settle our breakfast/lunch here.
Hubs sitting at the most inner corner seat.

Good range of selections to choose from the vending machine.

My order. Just had to pass this ticket to the staff at the counter.
Choice of spiciness of curry.

Ooh. They also sell the convenience packs.

My lunch - Chicken cutlet curry with rice.
Tasted very good.
We both requested for Extra Hot and it was really quite spicy.
Very unlike what we had in sg standard kind and even if I bought those convenience cubes in the "spiciest", tasted still not spicy.

Full view of my outfit of the day.
Love love my socks again.

After taking this pic, I realised I'm cleverer than XX.
I don't have to liquify anything and my face already looks sharper.

The happy boy!

Some random pics of the buildings there.

We enter a big store Sofmap.
There were about 7 levels I think.

It's lovely! They group all the pink cams here to make things easy for the pink fanatics.

I love these earphones but I have no use for them :(

A pink fridge.
Look at the price I wanna faint.
Costs much more than my 42" TV.

I came across a special fridge.
Can open either way.

He die die wanna act this face.
Don't ask me why.

A little street where they sell lots of 2nd hand IT goods.
Quite like moving the individual shops in Sim Lim to place here.

Boring moment waiting for Hubs and I took another shot of my socks. *again*

My all-time favourite fastfood: Mos Burger!

Ordering at the counter might be a challenge.
Luckily they had English menu on the side of the wall.
Oh, and it's cheaper to order a set with drink and fries.
If not wrong, it costs all the same to order with or without set in sg.

Don't think we are small eaters. This is just our tea-break.
The Kaisan Kakiage burger tasted more wholesome than sg's style.
Can't rem for the rest of the items.
Most of the patrons are Oji-sans here.
Mos only liked by older generation here?

Moving on, I found my favourite donut shop.
Not tasted Krispy Kreme yet so this remains my favourite.
What was I doing? Counting the coins Hubs passed me.
He kept all the money and I had to ask $ from him everytime.

He's like my Daddy!

The wide range of yummy doughnuts.

Proceeded to Shibuya next.
I decided to have the doughnuts for my dinner and had to find a place where Hubs can have his and I could bring out mine with feeling embarassing.
We weren't too sure if it's ok that 1 person was eating a meal while the other person brought the own food.
So we went for this local fastfood Lotteria which has branches all over the place.
I think he had the shrimp burger. Not outstanding.

My dinner comprised of 2 cuties and 1 ring doughnut.

I think we must be too tired that day.
Totally no pics taken at Shibuya!
Save for this nice textile shop.
I so wanted to buy a pce of nice cloth for Sis but there were way too many choices that we left without buying.
I faced many of such situations this trip!

Oh we passed a Krispy Kreme shop right after dinner but there was a long queue going on and I had quite enough of sweet stuff so I still did not get to taste any KKs.

Shot taken outside hotel to make up for insufficient shoot for the day.

Loots of the day:

Small zipper pouch I'm gonna use for lunch out.
Bought at a small shop underground of Ikebukuro station.
Forgot the price. Inexpensive.

Also bought some stuff at a drugstore near to the train station.
Hubs went back to hotel first and left me there to shop.
He felt the security so good he don't mind let me walk back alone.
So happy I had all the time to myself... hehe

Big drugstore chain: Matsumoto Kiyoshi.
(Pic credits of Cotter: GetawayJunkie)

From left: Sana facial wash, DHC cleansing oil, Majolica Majorca mascara and Canmake blushers.
I love Canmake blush. Subtle yet pretty and very lasting.
Canmake is so cheap in Japan. Sg mark up twice the price!
Think MM just set up counters in sg. I didn't check out the price but not very into their things better not see.
Chants: *I have enough makeup. I have enough makeup. *

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