Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ah Lim and Ah Loke run!

Late entry but must blog about it.
(Still not done the entry of Dempsey with Ah Lim)

Second year we are doing the GE Women Run.
This year's participants was way more than last year's.
They changed the starting line... and I thought it was still at opposite Padang.
We have to thank this very nice lady who gave us a ride when she saw us waiting for cab at GB.
She was doing the 5k run with her daughter!

The race starts!
The 2 boys poor thing hor gotta wait for us.

This Ah Loke very bad stamina this year. No train!
Hai... implicate Ah Lim also bad timing...
Thanks ah Ah Lim for waiting for Ah Loke.

Lim and Loke after the race holding big BANANAS.

Proudly sponsored by Adidas:

Our race bibs

Too bad no group pic with Anna. She changed out of our "uniform" by the time we met up with her.

Ah Loke race results-
Gun time 01:28:03
Chip time 01:26:08

Ah Lim race results-
Gun time 01:27:50
Chip time 01:25:55

Ah Loke free for the year but Ah Lim still has another 10k to go in Dec.
Yeah Ah Loke will be the official photographer then :P

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