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Day 5: Tokyo - Harajuku

We decided to have breakfast onsite the next morning.
The kitchen is open concept but you don't feel the heat nor the oiliness
and the food is freshly cooked and brought over to us.

There were tables available but I chose the low tables on the raised platform.
It's right beside the reception area.

Our breakfast area.
The lady made a mistake and served us extra cornflakes with milk.
We got to eat it at no extra charge.

We ordered 1 set sunnyside up with toast and 1 regular set.
Coffee and tea are served without charge.
Toast is super thick.

The cute butter knife they have.
We spread on thick butter and jam since the toast is so thick.

After breakfast, let me do a brief intro of the place.
Exterior of the Ryokan.
Looks very futuristic eh?
We almost missed it cuz it looked nowhere like a budget Ryokan at all.

They don't have curfew here but you need to use this access card to enter the main order after 10pm.

What you see immediately when you step in.

The reception area.

The hallway leading to the left side of the guest rooms, men's toilet, and up the stairs.

We stayed in room 16.
Opp men's toilet but don't worry. No smell at all.
They have dunno how many layers of glass doors separating the toilet from outside.

1st 3 floors guest rooms, jacuzzi which needed prior booking on 4th and laundry facilities on 5th.

The men's toilet.
I was a little confused why they had this signage since the lady said this is the Gents.
I'm guessing the basin is shared cuz I saw a lady washing up inside there.

The lift for luggage. Only luggage.

Free internet access.
Can't remember if they had timing for this.

Telephone room 1st door, ladies' 2nd door and shared shower room 3rd door.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face at this sink.

The interior of the room already shown in previous post but there is some interesting part which will be shown here.
The small window with short width roller blind which ppl can look into the room from outside.
We had an over-friendly Oba-san who kept waving and sprouting Japanese to us late previous night.
We could not answer anything. Just smiled.
Guess she did that often to the guests staying in the same row.
Despite this little fault, it didn't make me dislike Andon the least.
I'll just make sure to stay 2nd level onwards if I ever book for room here next visit.

View from that window.

Time to check-out and proceed our next destination.
Me with the nicest staff there.
My outfit was "approved" by her. Haha...

Hubby and I.

Random pic taken at traffic light junction to show my outfit for the day.

We checked in back to Sakura Ikebukuro and proceed to Harajuku.
I planned specially to go there on a Sunday to see the ppl dressed up in cosplay costumes.
The first street we walked down.
Just a few shops down, there's a big shop selling socks and stocking of all kinds.
They had the best variety among all the shops along the way.

I spot a few Ang Mos in overdue Halloween costume but they were too quick for me and my cam.
I went to this nice bra shop and got myself some cute lingerie.

We had our lunch at this small shop.
There was a little queue outside before we entered but no more after we had eaten.

The counter seats.

The food looks normal but was very very good.
Softest udon I have ever tasted and the tempura still crispy after I dipped it in the soup.

AJ not full. Went to buy a Muji ice cream wafer for dessert.
Why don't we have that at our local stores?
Very nice and only 100yen.

Just as AJ was enjoying her ice cream UK went around being TP.
He had such joy seeing ppl kana parking ticket.
You say bo liao or not?

Oh I spotted Amos shop. Went in and got another set.
The nice thing about the lingerie section in Japan is they HAVE my size!
They have nice designs even up to G cup. Definitely not those full cup ah ma type.
Dunno why it's so hard to find a nice set of affordable price and nice design in my size in sg?
Next time I'll tell Ah Teo to go Tokyo shop for bra.
Far more worth than going BKK.
For the same price, you'll prob get a set of Pierre Cardin's in sg.

Crossed a bridge and walked towards Meiji Shrine.
They were having 50th anniversary celebration.

The weirdess 2 girls.
Wanna dress up and stand at the pavement but don't allow ppl to take pics of them.

The nice volunteer for FREEE HUGS.

Oh kawaii neko bus. Too bad we had no chance to catch a ride.

The real cosplayers who are used to being photographed.

While walking towards Meiji Shirne, we bumped into the retired "Aluminium Man".
But he still came over to pose for us.

And we can't miss to have a picture taken with this cute little girl.
Seemed like some kind of event going on and quite many young girls dressed up in traditional costume.

Gates of the shrine.

They looked so cute.
The kids' mummies were dressed up in Kimonos as well.

The second couple we saw who held their traditional wedding in the shrine.
We were lucky enough to see almost the full procession of the first couple, moving towards the inner hall which was restricted only to their family members and guests.
The family members and guests were really well dressed.
I took a short video on my cam but the quality was not good enough to worth uploading.

Kind of lost our way when walking out of the shrine.
Instead of walking back to Harajuku, we had walked towards Yoyogi direction.
Had to ask for directions several times.
I went "Sumimasen, Harajuku wa doko desu ka?"
All of them answered me back in Japanese.
This was quite embarassing I had to explain that I cannot understand Japanese at this point.
They must be thinking I'm nuts or what?? Don't understand still wanna ke kiang say.

Finally back to Harajuku (dunno what street) after more than 30min walking.
A shop selling Tamagotchi merchandise and doughnuts.
Aren't they so passe already?

And we decided to have noodles for dinner.
Yep, my cameraman always takes the lousiet shots.
Don't the noodles look like they cost 99yen per bowl?

The pork broth was quite good.
Also saw that this shop has many outlets including 1 at Ikebukuro.

Walked further down after dinner.
How's my replica pose of the billboard?

Yet another sign to remind the citizens.

Cute shop we saw along the way.
The surroundings looked a bit like residential area.

Bridal shop. The BS in Japan have the sleekest designs.
Very great contrast with our Taiwanese-styled gown designs.

Showing off my new furry arm warmers.
They are call arm warmers right?
1 of my proudest buy. Less than 400yen.

We decided to have a little fun after went back to hotel.
This is the day we decided to *dong* a few coins to do our laundry.
Sakura does have their own laundry facilities but it happened that their machine was down.
Were told that there's a laundry shop 3 blocks down and we could try that.
And off we went!

50yen for washing powder.

200yen for washer.

And lastly 200yen for 20min drying time.
The dryer was quite good... until the 2nd time we used it and silly me left my lipbalm in the pocket of my white sweater and the whole tube just melted on our clothes.
Spoiled a few pcs and we were left in this not so humid cold weather with no lipbalm.
Haa this was the time my Fancl botanical oil came in handy but Hubs hated it.

Super fun doing the laundry. I even brought my laundry bags along.
This is not auntie bahaviour ok. This is called well prepared.
What happens if need to wash delicate pcs?
Anyway what we did during the washing time was to eat some finger food bought from nearby supermarket outside the shop.
Yeah outside in the cold since they had a "no eating" sign there and cctv as well.

Laundry done!
This guy wanna act garang walk out with short sleeve night time when it's cold.
And want to walk slowly to let ppl think he's not cold. Silly not?

Hauls for the day:

Socks and stockings. 3 pairs for 1050yen.
Nearly gone mad seeing all the nice designs.
Soooo wanted to get more. Tough time selecting man.

2 bra sets. Almost hard to choose only 2.
And why had I only bought 2?
Cuz too many designs and see till headache so randomly pick (randomly also nice one!) and try on.
Had chosen the most "subtle" designs already yet still so flashy.

From the cute bra shop. About 2400yen.

Close up of the lace trimmings.

From the Amos shop by Triumph. 2000yen.

Close up of the lace design.

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