Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 7: Tokyo - Ikebukuro & Ginza

Happy start for the day.
Can't remember what made me so happy.
Prob my new socks again?

As usual, starting out from Ikebukuro, we have our lunch there before heading out.
I chose Matsuya. Yoshinoya's competitor.
Heard it's about the 3rd largest Gyudon chain in Japan, the former being the largest.
Their Gyudon is called Gyumeshi instead and is always served with a side bowl of miso soup.
Hubs don't like beef so he chose pork bowl instead.
Dunno what that's called in Japanese.

Here's my Gyumeshi.

Hubs' order came with extra raw egg which he mixed with the rice.
I was usually afraid of raw egg but I love half boiled eggs.
I tried a little of his rice.
Darn good. Damn damn good eventhough I don't like pork.
The combination was great but it didn't make me bold enough to order such to eat on my own though.

Quite bo liao. Posing at west exit of Ikebukuro station.

Oops... tummy obvious hor.

Finally went to the BIC Camera store to "fulfill" my Hubs bossy colleague's wish.
The main store just a few mins walk away from the station.

The first thing that caught my attention in the toy section: MIFFY!!!
How I wish I had such toys during my era.

Miffy puzzles. I kept thinking of an excuse to buy it.
*think think*

Ah... buy this for Xuan Xuan.... who is like 9 months now?
At least this is good for future learning.
Hubs said I pretend only.
Actually wanted to buy for myself but use Xuan as an excuse.
*Ahem* already gave to Xuan grandma hor (which is my 姨妈).
This is MIJ hor.

Yep. Finally gotten the much wished thingy.
Price even a few k yen cheaper than stated on the website.

Hubs went back to hotel to keep the heavy stuff and me had chance to roam on my own again.
One thing I love about Japan, he lets me go on my own and stop worrying about 坏人捉你kind of stuff.
2nd time I'm seeing these cutie plush "blocks".
I realised the Japanese girls are so pampered.
They use such cute bear softies as boot-stand!
I can't bear to use them man.

On train to Ginza.
I realised the transport system is darn good.
From Ikebukuro station, I could take either the subway or JR to reach my destinations.
How cool is that??

The first building we went to when reached Ginza is the Sony Building.
Not really interesting leh. But the stairs leading to basement is so cute.
It's motion detective and plays some cute tones with colourful lighting when you step on each new step.

LV at Matsuya Ginza.
Whole building housing big brands. We didn't enter.

Love all the elaborate building exteriors.

Walking along this street kinda reminded me of Champ Elysee.
Expensive shopping and the kind of atmosphere it gave.

Yeah the only shop that he has eyes for...
I spotted it.

Fully satisfied after doing his "rounds" in the shop.
That made him lusting for some earphone which I totally couldn't understand why??
Why would a guy who doesn't take public transport need a earphone?
He could always use the default earphone that came with the phone if he wanted to jog? Not?

Saw a long queue outside a Belgian waffle shop and decided to join the ppl.
They were so good!
When will sg start a Belgian waffle craze and have everybody queuing up again?
Hubs said they were so good they were worth snapping but too good also means his wifey down all in one shot. Haha.

I really shouldn't comment on this.
Why on earth would a rational couple choose KFC!!! over all the nice food in Ginza?
Actually it's very obvious who chose to eat here right?
Look at the receipt I wanted to faint.
Paying so much for fried chicken and it was just a set to share! *diao*

Additional soup with pastry top which I thought would be nice to try.

Waited 10min for a dry pastry and not so nice cream soup was a mistake.
Should have spent this $ on like 10 more Belgian waffles?
Rather choke to death by nice food than...

Ok so we had been walking around eversince much earlier before dinner and after Printemps in search of my newly found Love shop.
Never expected the shop to be so beautiful and grand.
Love the lighted signboard. Felt like taking it and put in my pink room.

Had thought the whole afternoon about this lovely bag eversince molest it in Parco near to BIC Camera.
D said I look Tai Tai in this pic.
See even the mirror in this shop is nice one.
Would have picked up a card holder if I hadn't already gotten the Kate Spade one at Gotemba.

Eventually, it became mine!
The lovely SA who carried the paperbag for me and walked me all the way to the shop entrance.
It kept for happy for the rest of the trip just looking at my new bag.
Of course there's always a high price to pay for LOVE :)

Loots of the day:

Hankies from Tobu.
Left for mum. She requested to hanky.
Middle for me of course.
Right supposed to be for Sis but I "swallowed" it for my own.
1050yen each.

Close-up of the lovelies:

From the lelong bin at just 525yen each.
Lelong also so nice. Made me spoilt for choice.
I'm so going to use hankies from now on.
No more tissues during lunch time.
Save Mother Earth!

DS booklet I got from BIC Camera.
I don't own a DS but just love the way they market it to the Japanese girls.

Can't miss to camwhore my new Love.
Blue dustbag is extra given by the nice SA.

Details of the zip.
Everything about Samantha Thavasa is Love.

Close-up of the buckle.

2 pretty diamantes on the lock.

The Love tag. Mirror on the flip side.

I prefer to sling it across my body.

Their service is so first-grade that I believe the statement is true.
I've been to quite a few ST counters before that and whenever I touched an item, the nice SA would take the trouble to bring out all available colours for me to view.
No joking, this happened at every branch till Hubs felt that I was giving them "extra job".

And finally, this is the biggie train set.
Length is longer than my arm length.
Had difficulty to put this on the overhead compartment on the plane.

Hubs got these from a Giordano-like shop in Ginza.
Quite Giordano style. 1 design, many colours.
Price is quite affordable. Can't remember the price in yen but is about $30+ for the knitted vest.

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