Thursday, July 1, 2010

AJ has sinned - A revealation

Warning: Pic heavy post

AJ has been lemming for a Chanel bag for the past months. Not that looooong time I know and I have been asking friends for favours to help cp from Europe but it seems that I have no fate with the EU ones and therefore (like what my dear sis said) I had to hand over the card for a swipe :(

On this fateful day (no, I wasn't planning to buy it that day) I only planned on showing D my dream bag and ask for her opinion which colour/combination suits me better and there, the nice SA whispered in my ear the price will increase by QUITE A BIT the next day and if I want to buy, I should buy it that day.

Um.. why am I blabbering all that nonsense? I should go on to the main focus point already...

Here's my revealation for my dream bag... in fact many girls' dream bag too :))

Miss Chanel in her paperbag home.

Yes I even took a pic of the ribbon. Pls this may be my only purchase in my whole life so I should snap every angle of everything.

Camelia paper folder to hold the receipt. See? I'm a VIP you know :)

Are you ready?

Gosh I even feel excited as I am typing away... *thump thump heartbeat*

Miss Chanel is still in her boxy home.

Aren't you curious what was the paper used to wrap Miss Chanel with??
Oh.. a pce of mahjong paper. Ultimate joke I was telling my neighbour and K. Surely Chanel could have done better than to wrap with MJ paper?

Miss Chanel: "Hello, I am born in France. Jealous?"

It's getting closer... Yes, I recycled the silk camelia a dozen times cuz it is sooo expensive and valuable that the SA only gave me ONE.

Wa cheap tissue to wrap Miss Chanel again. My neighbour found it funny too. She was expecting the tissue to be monogrammed with "Chanel" all over. But no. This is the kind of stuffing we get in bags...

And there she is. My 2.55 black M/L with gold hardware in caviar *LOVE*

A close up of the caviar grains and the CC lock.

The interwoven leather-chain strap.

Isn't she such a beauty?

You open up the CC lock and this is what is on the behind of the metal part.

Inner of the flap.

The authenticity card aka Birth Certificate.

There is this little compartment where Mdm Coco Chanel used to store her love letters :) I love the double flap. If I'm not wrong, only the mini size and the M/L comes with double flap.

The middle compartment is where she used to store her RED lipstick. I don't wear red nor lipstick so probably this is where my Burt's Bee lipbalm will go? (Sorry I tried many times and this is the best of the lot)

And... this is where Mdm Coco Chanel kept her change for tipping. I was told she used to live in the Ritz Carlton. All above information were told to me by the nice SA Grace.

Doesn't she look perfect?

On a single chain she goes...

A modelling pic of me. Ok just take it that I am trying to show that the flap can also go with t-shirt and shorts. I will work hard to lessen the fats and flabs. I will!

P/S: It is true that the price has been adjusted upwards the following day after I bought my M/L. I called up to enquire and was told that the price is now 20% higher and the price of lambskin is on par with caviar (calf skin) now!!! Gosh this is outrageous!

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