Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recent cooks

AJ's been rather lazy in the kitchen department these days. READ: No new menu. Probably next week onwards I will have to do "Cook of the week" and then later on turn into "Cook of the month". Stilllll, (in Ris Low's tone) *LOL* I managed to dish up a simple prawn dish. Recipe from Wokking Mum.

Garlic prawns. Doesn't look very good here but extremely tasty. You should see K's surprised look when he was eating it. That is called the 报应 of looking down on his wife's cooking! My method was not so right but after some enquiries with WM herself, I found out the reason why the garlic bits don't stick to the prawns. I had the prawns fully cooked while it should have been 70% cooked and drained, then thrown back into the pan WITH the pre-fried garlic bits so that they will stick. 2 whole cloves of garlic were used. Yums. I love golden garlic bits.

Not really a "cook". I was doing cold noodles for my lonely lunch and thought I should capture the nice colours of the ingredients. Using the super macro function of my camera. Not too bad :)

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