Monday, October 25, 2010

Beanster family outing Oct 2010

Mama decided it was time to buy Miss Beanie a little table from the day we had Aqua Doodling session and the girl kept stepping and sitting on the mat itself. Ok, have to admit after seeing Adelle's new bedroom, mama very gian to go Ikea walk walk.

The cheeky girl in her favourite seat. I swear she loves this seat sooo much that she don't even care where are her parents once she's placed inside. Most of the time she'll be in a world of her own or fall asleep if it was a longer journey.

New Robeez shoes. The soles are too soft. She will need a real soled shoes for the next pair. The pair of Clarks hand-me-downs sandals from her cousin can still fit her lengthwise but too tight at the width.

Children's section at Ikea Tampines. Her daddy wanted to buy the soft soccer ball for her. Weird right? No meaning one. End up never buy la.

He also wanted to buy her the rocker toy. More weird. Waste of money. Of course never buy la.

The egg chair-lookalike. This one daddy did not say want to buy. Very expensive ok. $119!!! If buy this one I will die of exhaustion of playing peek-a-boo the whole day. Is it by default kids like to play peek-a-boo and catching?

She was enjoying it so much, so many actions but I couldn't capture any good shots.

Wa another interesting station which got her attention for a long time.

Should have taken pics of her rolling about on Ikea (dusty) beds. Yes she loves doing it and refused to go when we carried her away. Thanks to her dad's good idea of letting her "try" one. And best of all, she actually remembered WHERE is the bed section and kept going back towards that direction. We had a hard time fighting her off that. My Bean Bean is a very persistent girl ok.

Before checking out, we had a short break at the cafeteria. Look what the little girl is holding on to - French fries. The mama, me went to search for mini fork and returned to see daddy already given her fries. Chey wasted my effort and wasted the fork. Nevermind, mama brought the disposable fork home to use as a 道具during her meal times. Don't make me go into the details of HOW a disposable fork is useful during feeding time.

Bonus videos to see how Little Miss Rocker reacts to eating junk food. By the way the fish nuggets was very flour-ey. Even LMR the junk food learner did not like it.

Bean eating fries.

Bean eating flour-ey fish nugget.

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