Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The girl in Leopard Preens

New romper (mama's latest obsession: Leopard preens), new shoes and new haircut. Hair done by her 姑妈, K's sis. Mama so reluctant to cut her hair but she keep pulling off the hairclip so that will be the best way. Razor a bit only but looks gong gong. Still cute la. What was she doing? Admiring her new shoes? Yes, she loves her shoes and will patiently sit down when asked to. She knows going gai gai after putting on.

Rare occasion she remains seated after putting on her shoes.

Modelling her new shoes. Wa!! (pic taken with flash)

Cheeky and pretty :)) I'm not too sure if it was the flash that caught her or her usual cheeky close eyes expressions.

Goup-ed this pic from Den's fb. Such a sweetie :)

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