Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent cooks

It was a soupy week this week. 3 soups and a stew.

1st attempt at peanut lotus root soup. There was chicken feet too but the pic looks so scary, better not post it. Really good so I'll make it again the following week except it will be pork ribs instead of chicken. I read somewhere not to give peanut to children below age of 2 years old due to allergy precautions but I gave this soup to XY. I used the soup as a base stock to cook her porridge for dinner. She turned out fine so it's safe for me to cook this soup on regular basis.

1 thing to note: Fairprice sells lotus root much cheaper than the wet market I go to.

The laziest soup one can think of - Corn, carrot soup. Works all the time. No skills required.

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