Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recent cooks

A whole week of lonely lunch and lonely dinner. K is busy with his most dreaded NUS project which keeps the team working 16 to 19-hour days. Madness!

Chicken congee. Cooked with chicken bone leftover from XY's steamed chicken thigh. Remember I said I will be frugal? Ok maybe this is toooo frugal. Btw I decided not to buy a whole chicken afterall. My boss, K (the chicken breast hater) irritates me so much whenever he eats. Every pce of chicken he takes, he will ask me "Is this chicken breast?" despite me pre-empt him he will be expected to eat whatever is in his bowl and no more choosing cuz I want to be frugal. Forget it. Let me find other ways to be frugal. *Great. I mentioned FRUGAL 4 times in this short paragraph. 5th time.*

Anyway the congee was yummy. i always cook my congee with some chinese herbs for flavour. Added some beancurd skin too and it went very well with the congee.

I suck at taking soup pictures. Sorry soups!!
This is my most wonderful soup by far. Remember I cooked lotus root peanut soup the previous week? Bubblygal gave me this idea to cook it with chicken bones and pork ribs for more flavour and I did. I was sooo happy with it. And I sliced the lotus root thinner than before after K feedback to me previous week that I cut it too thick. Needless to say XY had the soup as a stock base for her porridge. Lucky girl she is. Mummy always cooks yummy porridge for her and she can still eat with difficulty. *drum roll* Guess what happened in the end? K started the 1st day of the work week stuck with that horrible job and he didn't get to drink the soup at all. Not willing to give up, I heated a bowl for him the next morning. "Forced" him to drink some before he went to office. I saw myself a bit like those housewives in Korean drama who has to cook rice and soup for the whole family for breakfast. Except that what I did was give my hubby leftover rice and soup...

Cheater dish: Soft tofu with pork floss. Yes, can't think of anything to cook so I made this. Luckily I didn't cook other dish cuz I ended up eating dinner alone.

Nicer version of 鲁肉饭. To make myself happy, I bought this "don" bowl from Daiso. Nicer presentation I eat also happier.

药材鸡with the skin on. Was meant to be for K (who feedback to me must have the skin on then taste nice) but since he's stuck at work, I ate it. He's damn right, it tastes better with skin on even if you don't eat the skin.

Aglio Olio. This was for lunch. Angel's hair is my favourite pasta for now. Only dump in and stir for a few moments and it's done. No need to use timer.

This was for dinner the following night.

I've decided to include some of XY's meals too. This is porridge (mixed brown, red and white rice. no millet) cooked with cherry tomatoes. I usually put 1:1 ratio for rice and millet but some meals I omit millet. Topped with sauce from steamed fish.

Steamed threadfin with miso paste. I didn't taste it as I'm scared of fishy smell but I think it must have been great cuz she seems to love it so much. No fussing during the meal and she finished everything within 20min which is a good timing for her.

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