Friday, October 15, 2010

Mama Cow officially retires

Taking a little break from the studio shoot...

Just wanted to post this nostalgic moment of the last bottle of breastmilk for my little darling. That's 130ml worth of bm there (which is about 20ml lesser than her morning intake but I can squeeze no more) and it is definitely the last time she will be drinking it. It took the cow 4 pumping sessions in 48hours to get that amount (I was able to get that in 4hours in the good old days) and therefore the cow decided it's time to cease operation. Allow me to reminisce the days when I was at my peak and I had half the freezer filled with bags of ebm and then when I decided to stop freezing them (XY hates thawed bm), I had to label the time of each pump of milk. I really had to do that cuz the supply was so abundant that I had to give not only by day but even have to go by time. I even joked to K I may run out of post-it pads soon. It never happened la. I was just joking.

Miss Medela bottle can finally take a rest. So can Miss Ameda pump (not pictured).

Just had to take a pic of XY drinking the last drops of the precious milk.

She doesn't know... but tomorrow onwards it will be solely Mamil Gold 3 for her. *sob sob*

Managed to dig up this old pic taken during my peak exactly 7 months ago! Can't seem to find the hilarious pic of the bottles full of post-it labellings. Whatever it is, I'm proud to be able to produce enough for XY for the past 14.5 months. Seriously hope there is no #2. I can't stand another 14 or 15 months of pump, sterilise, pump.

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