Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beanster family outing March 2010

The family went to Ikea Tampines in search of children furniture but decided to hold on to the idea till we sort out the logistics issues.

Dinner was at the cafeteria. Man, this was the first time I'm so loving this place. I brought along the leftover cereal and mashed carrot that Bean refused to eat at home. No choice, had to leave the house since it was already quite late. So Daddy went to buy dinner while I sat there with Bean. Thought I would try my luck by taking out Bean's dinner. Guess what??? She finished it up in no time. By the time Daddy got back, she already finished it ages ago! Daddy said maybe she felt embarrassed to let outsiders see her "special" eating patterns (which can easily stretch on up to 1 hour) so she decided to show-off how well she can eat. Therefore I concluded Ikea cafeteria the most condusive eating environment of all. In future whenever Bean has any eating problems, I will reminisce the moments here. Well, sometimes when she refuses to eat properly, I do click on her past videos too. Poor Mummy, need to find some happy past memories to hypnotise herself temporary.

And there was this cute incident that happened when I was busy cutting up the chicken thigh while Dadddy went for his mandatory smoke break. I knew Bean was happily sitting on the highchair and blabbering away so I left her as she was. After a while I heard some girls' voices laughing and saying "cute". Thought nothing of it and continued eating. Took me a while to realise my Bean had turn her body to the back row and smiling, blabbering to a bunch of pretty ladies. 4 of them. So there was actually some interaction going on literally "behind my back" and I was oblivious. This came as a surprise to me cuz Bean is not usually so socialable. Yeah I've encountered countless times that nice and friendly people talk or play with her in the lift or MRT but she is so dao and no reaction. Very embarassing for me ok. I had to keep saying "Darling, Auntie/Uncle talking to you." When all else fails, I'd come up with "Oh she's sleepy" or "She just woke up". Haha. This incident shows that my little girl has grown up :)

Anyway I managed to snap this shot on my hp cam.
Darling smiling to the 4 pretty ladies :)