Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last dose Hexa (6 in 1) jab

Done on Sat. I realised this doc is not very good in giving jabs. Why I say that? Cuz I had my Hep A+B jab at my gynae's clinic and they were both totally painless and when I had my 3rd dose by the same GP, it actually felt a little painful and my whole arm was aching for about 2 days. Not very serious aching. Is the kind of 酸feeling. Till today still can see and feel the jab mark on Bean's thigh so I confirm it was quite painful for her. But anyway it's over cuz we are done with the Hexa. Pneumococcal jab will be done at another clinic which the doc is very nice to massage the thigh area for some time and on Barney song for Bean to distract her.

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