Friday, March 5, 2010

The girl can sit!

We never realised she can actually fall into the "sit" position till about 2 weeks ago Yvonne put her in upright position. Now she's getting better at it but still need to be supported at times. If not she will Humpty Dumpty.

Shocked face - super look like daddy.

Act lady face.
See the spaghetti straps on her dress?
That's a new trick she did that day - pull the ribbon and attempt to bite the strap. I even saw her aiming at her shoulders to lick the strap.
As pointed out by Y, XY has a case of nipple slip here. Hahaha... evil mummy even post her NS pic. 露一点!!!

Cheeky face.
We were at Tiong Bahru Plaza where I supposed to meet my buyer and we went up to the food court to have my lunch. This little girl got very interested in my 高记酿豆腐 so I gave her some noodles and tofu. Boy, she loves it. I know I know, it's bad eating habits right but right now good eating habits to me = opening your mouth when the food comes to you and then swallowing the food and repeating the same process. Shouting for Mama to give you more food is also good eating habits to me. Can see how desperate I am to get her to eat ANYTHING at all?

Another cheeky one.
Yes, the pacifier is her favourite toy. She can play with it and suck it front/back/sideways, any way. Daddy loves it when she does it on handsfree mode.
NOTE: This pic is not posed. This is a just one of the proof that she is a cheeky girl :P

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