Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mummy Jo is still cooking (occasionally)

Done over the past weeks...

Old cucumber pork rib soup, silver fish omelette and tofu with broccoli.

My humble and not so authentic version of Hiyashi Chuka.
I spent like 1 hour just to julienne all the ingredients though not a very good job.
It was actually quite nice except that not cold enough. The next time I will pre-prepare in the ingredients and refrigerate them at least 1-2 hours before eating.

Tiny gets to chew on a stick of carrot. This is much better than the lousy teething rusk in my opinion.

Minced pork omelette, stir-fried veggies and corn/carrot pork rib soup.

One-dish meal: Chicken stew with rice.
This is so easy to prepare and you don't have to put any seasoning cuz it just tastes great on it's own. I do add half a teaspoon of salt or miso paste though. Would have been much easier if just cook the chicken without first stir fry it before stewing. As in the kitchen would have been less oily so less cleaning need to be done.

Grilled chicken with rice. Not sure if I should attempt it again. Made the whole kitchen damn oily and also very very hard to get the middle part of the chicken thigh cooked.

The little girl posing with my new grill pan. Wondering what to do with the pan now.

Convenience food - Pasta with instant sauce.
Poor XY eating convenience food as this young age but I can't make fresh tomato sauce ma so I cooked this for our lunch. Yes, she eats mostly whatever I/we eat. Anyway I consoled myself that sauce from Marks & Spencer can't be that bad. The label said: Made in Italy in small batches with blah blah... You know those assuring text? I must be the most optimistic Mummy around. Hehehe...

P/S: XY ate about 30 pcs of macaroni. That is very good progress for her! Except that she only opened her mouth for first few mouthfuls while the rest I squeezed them inside her mouth. Inside, not into. And this girl is strange. I used a spoon to give her that and she refused to open her mouth. Used my fingers to feed her the exact same thing, she opened her mouth big big. So now everyone knows when I say I'm feeding XY, I'm using my fingers.

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