Friday, March 26, 2010

First time on highchair

This happened 2 Sundays ago... but only posted now. Forgotten to bring camera and used hp cam to take. You see the problem is, I can't be bothered to find the cable to download the pics so I had to mms to Daddy for him to email to me. Complicated huh. This is lazy ppl way of doing things. *LOL*

Mummy was having this crazy crave for chocolate fondue and pestered Daddy to Anderson's for it. Sorry if sounds like act cute but this was exactly what happened and turns out that Daddy was in a good mood due to Mummy behaved really well so we went... Again sounded act cue right but is the fact I have to say it la.

This is what we had. Seriously I can do it on my own. No need to share with anyone but 礼貌上have to let Daddy taste taste a bit if not he sit there watch me eat meh?

I decided to put little XY on highchair since she can sit independently already. Of course the Daddy had lots to say - dangerous, she might lean forward, blah blah. Don't care I insisted want to put her in one. Oh boy! She loved sitting inside soooo much and couldn't stop giggling. She did get to eat banana, strawberries and a dip of chocolate on Daddy's dirty finger. Um... gross hor...

Happy till use middle finger!!! Don't know who teach. Not me ok.

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