Monday, March 8, 2010

Presents from Daddy

Daddy got some reward from his office and so we get rewarded too!

Rocker cum walker for the little one who... didn't really know what's happening at first.
Don't know how to relax her legs. *LOL*

A few seconds later... exploring the activity table.

Kinda lost interest. XY: Silly pink thing. Mummy, pls carry me out.

Swimsuit for me! Hello never seen a 1 pce swimsuit before huh?
What what?? After the horrible c-sect *blaming the c-sect* cut I can no longer wear 2 pce. Don't give that lump of fats a chance to show-off! Next thing is to go for my BW then we can go for a swim.

Colour is actually fuschia pink. Considered lucky still managed to find a 1 pce at Roxy. Ripcurl is so biased towards fat people. They don't even stock tankinis ok. Not that I can wear tankinis either. Hahaha. Hello baby. Goodbye bikini.

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