Monday, March 8, 2010

Stocking up on baby food

Yes, XY doesn't like her cereals nor porridge but I mix the cereal into her milk for almost every feed. Not much, maybe 2-3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon. It's not that much since Healthy Times cereal is so so flakey. Yeah, I forgotten how flakey it was till I opened the box. Still remembered the first time I opened the first box my reaction was never to buy this brand again but look, here I am searching high and low for it. The Fairprice near my place doesn't stock this and Cold Storage sells it at a higher price (this is already quite expensive on its own!). The flakiness is like... ok imagine bonito flakes. Something like that but in bits size. So can you imagine the mess we go through when scooping the cereal out? I usually hole my breathe for a second when I'm doing that. Haha, just a joke but I really used to do that initially. I don't mind giving Cerelac cereal to XY but I see that they contain milk and I want pure cereal since the purpose of it is to mix with ebm for XY. Oh another thing is change to Cerelac she willing to drink or not? Anyway few days after I got Healthy Times, I saw that Cerelac does have cereal that does not contain milk. Still contemplating whether to try or not.

The Heinz biscuits were great. XY actually eats it on her own and she eats almost 90% of it. Poor Mummy of course had to clean up the mess after she's done with it. But it's really great to see that XY is capable of eating finger food by herself. In fact I gave her one piece to distract her while I'm busy in the kitchen but when I returned few minutes later most of it was gone. I actually searched under her butt and clothes to see where the rest of the biscuit has gone to. Haha... And she loves the Gerber puffs very much now. Just that she still doesn't know how to self-feed that since the puffs is kinda small to aim inside her mouth at the moment.

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