Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breakfast at Mac Donald's

Had a wonderful time catching up with my GEHC girls last Sunday. All 4 of us left years back but we all had babies at a close gap :)

Um... most of the pics are featuring my little XY though...

2nd time on highchair outside. Damn happy!

XY trying to be friendly to little Chloe.

But she ended up offering her yummy fingers to Chloe instead.

We had a group pic. Guess who is the 大姐大of the lot? Ya man it's XY since Lee Peng's boy wasn't around.

From left: Baby Alden (end Nov 09), Baby Chloe (mid Oct 09 I think) and Baby Xiang Ying (end July 09). Both pics were blur so I uploaded both :)

The one with the most action belongs to me!


ferinesok said...

wah seh cheeky

pinkdewy said...

ya getting more and more cheeky by the day