Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breastmilk overload

No, my supply did not increase. Some days it even dip, especially the days nearing the day of the month. My little XY seems to be drinking lesser these days. She's loving her solids quite a bit these days.

XY's daily schedule for the past few days has been:

830-9am - Wake up. 1 milk, usually 80-100ml with cereal added. (That's the time I usually wake up so that's the time she gets her first milk but I do not know what time she wakes up cuz she will roll around in her cot quietly.)
915am - Bath time.
930am - Breakfast, usually about 1/3 slice of wholemeal bread. Drinks about 100ml water.
1030am - 1 milk, about 80ml, followed by first nap (during this time I go for my shower, surf a bit, prepare our lunch).
1pm- Lunch. We had steamed broccoli/carrots and boiled potato with butter today. Drinks about 60-80ml water.
2pm - 1 milk, very very little. Maybe 50ml only. Play/Sing, free time.
3 or 4pm - Second nap.
6 or 7pm - Wake up. Dinner. Drinks about 60-80ml water.
8pm - Bath time followed by winding down time.
9pm - 1 milk, about 120ml with cereal added. She rolls in her cot for 10-30min before falling asleep.
12am+ - Dreamfeed 1 milk, about 100ml with cereal added.

This is a rough guide but there are days when the schedule goes haywire like if I oversleep then everything will be pushed back by 30 min-1 hour. Nowadays there is no way to make her drink milk during lunch time as she will drink only a little and turn her face sideways. Put her in her bouncer she will make some noise and seems like looking for something. The moment I bring out her feeding bowl/water bottle and put on bib for her, she gets all excited in full anticipation. See? This clever girl knows that there is no such thing as only drink milk for lunch. Anyway it's another 45 min - 1 hour gone while feeding her. That's the reason why I'm not that keen to go out around this timing. And I can't leave the house before she gets her lunch.

Well, anyway since XY started drinking lesser it has become a little problem for bm storage. It makes no sense to freeze such little volume but if don't freeze then taking up a lot of space and have to label the date of expression to avoid mix up.

Pic taken this morning after my second expression.

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