Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Collection of random pics - A pictorial

Sorry again for backdated-ness. I uploaded most of these pics before but somehow in the middle of nowhere the half done post disappeared from blogger...

Classic exhibit of XY's cheekiness at tempering with her Daddy's usb cable.

Lunch at Waraku Pasta with Denise 1 of those days. I swear never to go back to this place again. Cold food and pathetic serving. Not cheap eh.

Yes, after messing around with Daddy's t-shirt (notice what's on the floor), she came to me at the dining table.

Cheekiness to the max: Using Dad's thigh as an elevator to climb up to the settee! Bottomline: Never look down on short legs! *LOL*

A random one taken on the day we went for indoor photoshoot at Sean Lau photography. She enjoyed "rolling" inside the playpen full of colourful balls!

We attended Adelle's 1st birthday bash on 10/07/10!
It's me with the birthday girl. See her all dressed up in white. Sherryl really puts in lots of effort to prepare for the party and dress Adelle up :)

The 父女俩dressed in Pink and White which was the party's theme. I wasn't...

The Pink and White birthday cake. I think Sherryl mentioned this was 4kg. Wow!

Us and our darlings :)

With the July babies and Mummies :)

Someone had her FIRST taste of chocolate cake. This was Adelle's birthday so she gets the privilege. Quite a few mouthfuls ok.

Both the kiddos were tired by then. That's Sherryl's Mum carrying XY. She lets everyone carry her but she doesn't have much reactions when the carrier talks to her. *duh*

XY and Adelle goes on a lunch date with their Mummies :)
We went to Novena Square and United Square. Sherryl goes to Novena pretty often.

Gosh they were waiting for me while I got my drink.

* Some of above pics credit to Sherryl *

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