Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding event of the year, 25th July 2010

Firstly I must emphasis that I am not making a joke of the wedding nor the couple. This is the only wedding I attended this year so I named it for my own "needs". Hehe... Also because this is the wedding of my buddy of 17 years! I was supposed to be there to kaypoh but I outdid my own kaypoh-ness by doing some amateur shooting and amateur videoing.

Dog of the house which I think might not have known what was going on although he was dressed in a red tee.

Gift from the bride. I arrived the latest and therefore the girls had opened theirs before me :(

What?? Hair not even done? 9am already leh.

The back of the wedding gown. I LOVE the corset-like details (meanwhile hairdo in progress).

Car of the day. I was telling the bride that was my first ride in a Benz. I didn't have a fancy car for my own. We used Blackie who is no longer with us now...

Mr Groom very anxious to fetch his bride.

He was also obviously anxious to eat the Mr Roast Pig!

Hairdo done. I love the flowers :))

Guess why is the bride so happy?

She's taking out the nice solitare pendant her MIL bought for her.

All done and ready to be "collected".

The customary parents-wear-veil moment.

The maids with our beautiful wrist corset. The bride made those herself and I love it so much I tied it to my *C* bag after the wedding. Yes I'm so special that I was wearing a floral dress instead of white. Cuz I'm the only one who upgraded to a maternal-instincted woman so I must dress differently from the rest. Good or not? Ok... the truth is, I can't find a white dress to wear that won't shout FAT!! loudly so I comfort myself by saying the above.

Tea ceremony at Chris' aunt's home at Bedok.

Bride with her maids.

Full strength.

The most perfect shot of the day. *beams* *loves* *proud*

Oei why this guy drink packet drink till so unglam huh?

Next destination was Clark Quay Peony Jade where the wedding lunch was held. Funny right the first pic I took was this.

The kiddo was impersonating MJ! Hahaha...

Precious moment shot of the bride's parents. Pic kana spoiled by the guy on mobile on the left. Wait... I think that's Mr Groom! (To be frank I posed them for this pic and it looked really photojournalistic right? Yeah, except for the person who happened to walk back and forth many times spoil it. Hehe joking la. It's their wedding day leh they can walk up/down, left/right as many times as they want to.)

I think these are Mr Groom's parents? * Chris and Yvonne, pls enlighten me. *

Ooops wrong number. The lady in purple is Mr Groom's mum I think.

Event signage.

Guests arriving...

Pre-wedding photoshoot on LCD TV screen. Very high tech right?

The helpers at reception table.

What were on the reception table...

100 red packets of 4D for early birds.

PJ stairs. Very beautiful. Forgotten to shoot the couple on the stairs.


Mr Roast Pig came all the way to PJ with us :)

I see many wedding photographers do this kind of shots so I must also do it.

My family arrived so I concentrate to take pics of them...

Concentrate also no use. The little girl don't smile, don't pose.

Hehe the couple comes downstairs to mingle with guests after the tea ceremony upstairs.

The bride did a despicable thing at this moment!

She carried my Bean Bean and pretended she gave birth to her!

Still pretending!

Bean's Dad quickly did a clarification and snatched her back.
* Pls take a closer look at this pic. Out of 5 persons, 3 of them share the same birthday. Different year obviously. *

Bride with lady in white.

From the beginning till now still the same face one. I mean Bean Bean la. No one looking at the ex-Ah Beng with the gold necklace la.

Official photographers of the day.

P/S: I'm not only a good wife, a good mother, a good *ahem* daughter, sister, friend, blogger. I'm also quite a good *ahem* amateur wedding day photographer. Anyone needs non-professional wedding photographer can engage me :)) I don't mind to be the 4th or 5th photographer actually.

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